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May 2022 Blog

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    Rusty Yow

Everyone seems to be more relaxed these days with COVID, how ever i'm not taking any unnaessary risks still. I have known more people personally now that have had COVID in 2022 then in the past two years which seems odd. At least everyone is doing fine and no one ended up in the hospital from it. Below are some of the stuff I been doing in the past 3 months.

New World

I have still been cranking along with New World. I think this is still one of the best MMOs on the market these days. There is alot that still needs to be added to the game but i'm looking forward to what they will release.

I play DPS at the moment with Fire Staff being my main weapon, blunderbuss as my secondary weapon. I'm at the point of end game where trying to get the best gear I can and upgrade everything by doing instances. I hope soon the new PVP rewards and a dudgeon finder will come into play.

New World Current Gear

Below is my current gear that I have in New World.

New World Gear Set
New World Gear Set

V Rising

V Rising is the next game on my list to buy and try out. I think I will purchasing it soon after this post and give it a try. I have some friends in my D&D group that plan on playing as well so might as well join them.

Check out V Rising on Steam