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What Ya playing

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    Rusty Yow
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New World

I have been playing the MMO New World since it launched in Stepember 2021. I'm a fan of the game and think it has a great platform to being a good MMO. Theres some content that is missing at the end game level and I think they are working on it. I have logged 518 hours into the game so far and just this past month I have gotten bored a little and not to mention theres a bunch of other games that recently came out I want to try.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

I havnt been a huge Pokemon fan since the first Pokemon game came out on the Game Boy. But this one is a little more open world and those are my favorite type of games. I have only just started playing but we will see where it goes. It' been a while since I have picked up my Nintendo Switch.

Dying Light 2: Staying Human

I played the first Dying Light game coop with a friend all the way though. I did enjoy the game, got a little lame near the end of it with the lack of different contant, weapons, etc. I hope this one has more options to keep the game enertaining longer. This too I have just started playing as it released Feburary 3.